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It is clear in Angela Ferraro’s work that she has a passion for the human face and for capturing
the spirit and essence of her subjects in her paintings.  Classically trained in Tennebrismo
Technique, she is able to invoke emotion and intrigue in the viewer through extraordinary
rendering of detail and use of light in her paintings.  Further, her adept modeling and masterful use of composition and color brings the viewer into the work, deep into the soul of the subject.

Ferraro demonstrates her ability to interpret the world around her through two other mediums
as well -   collage and assemblage.  Nature is interpreted in colorful collage and stories are told
through fascinating assemblages of found objects.

Ferraro was introduced to the world of art in Italy as a child.  She immigrated to the United
States and has actively worked as an artist for more than forty years.  She has exhibited in a
number of juried shows in Southern California and is a member of the Board of Santa Barbara
Studio Artists.  Her art can be found in the homes of many private collectors.

Angela resides in Santa Barbara, California. She studied Oil Painting, Watercolor, Collage and Printmaking. Her works have been in juried shows in Glendale, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara and are in the homes of private collectors.

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